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Hey, I'm Pam, And I can't Wait to Capture your Story

You are what FUELS me. You are the reason I love what I do. I do a little dance when I get the shot. My goal is to hype you up, make you shine, and most importantly I want to be the last thing you worry about on your big day. We’re stress-free here!


let’s make creative magic…


1. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. Like, I will have every character’s family tree  memorized

2. I have a little pup called Charlie and he comes with me to work every day.  We are inseparable!

3. I have a Software Engineering major, but I did the switch to do photography full time 🙈 Never looked 

4. Hate horror movies, but we can talk about any and every single one of Jlo’s chick-flicks

5. I speak 3 languages (english, french and arabic) but I always wanted to learn german and chinese!

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